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Challenging 2D platformer game Sockventure tackles the mystery of disappearing socks

Nighthouse Games’ debut title brings in over 150 levels of hardcore 2D platformer action to Steam in 2020


TAMPERE, FINLAND, March 30th 2020 - Nighthouse Games, a two-man indie game studio from Tampere, Finland, announces their debut title 'Sockventure'.


Sockventure won the Bit1 competition in 2019, which prompted the two-man team to bring their debut title to the market. The team was chosen for the Tampere Game Incubator program, where investors from the Finnish game industry mentored the fresh company and helped shape its first title.



Sockventure is a challenging 2D platformer game with a tagline "have fun dying". It is a story about a kid whose favorite sock gets eaten by a cursed washing machine. Kid needs immediate help and calls superhero Sockman to the rescue and the adventure begins. Sockman the Superhero tries to find his way through the dangerous levels to find the missing sock inside the washing machine. 


The game has over 150 levels of hardcore platforming. You can customize your character with multiple unique outfits. The game’s brutal obstacles include lasers, spikes, spinning sawblades, flames and acid which the player must avoid to get to their goal. 


Sockventure is slated to release on PC in 2020 and can be added to Steam Wishlist today to get all the latest updates on the game development progress.


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About Nighthouse Games


Nighthouse Games was founded in 2020. Nighthouse Games is an award-winning two-man game studio from Tampere, Finland and its focus is in making high quality 2D platformer games for PC and consoles. Learn more at

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